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We are a Kelley Blue Book Buying Center

Sell your used car, truck or SUV to Premier Auto Group using the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Tool.

You can begin the process of getting your offer in one of two different ways:

  1. Enter your License Plate number or VIN and the state that your car is registered in.
  2. Enter your vehicles year, make, model, style, color, and mileage along with your zip code.

Youll then verify the engine type, and transmission, along with any features or aftermarket equipment you have added over the years. If there is any damage to your vehicle outside of normal wear and tear, youll have to report that as well.

Once you do that, the system will generate an instant cash offer certificate that will be good for three days (not counting Sundays) which you can redeem at Premier Auto Group. Its worth noting, however, that the offer is not entirely set in stone.

Ive Got my Cash Offer Certificate, Now What?

Bring in your vehicle and the offer certificate you were assessed, and Premier Auto Group will begin an in-depth inspection to confirm that the condition of the vehicle matches what you reported online. If everything looks good, youll have cash in hand ready to put towards your new vehicle if youre looking for an upgrade.

However, be aware that if the inspection report comes back with findings that are different than what you first reported, you could end up with a smaller offer than before. Therefore, its best to be transparent and realistic when assessing the quality of your vehicle. Its also worth noting that older vehicles with more miles will likely bring back smaller cash offers than newer ones.

How is Everything Calculated?

So youre thinking, Im just supposed to trust what the machine tells me? While the whole process seems simple on the surface, we dont get to see all of what goes into the magic number that pops out on the other side. Kelley Blue Book uses different data sources to compile the dollar amount, the most transparent of these details are the ones you provide, assuming they are accurate.

Beneath the exterior, Kelley Blue Books Cash Offer generator works to assess the current supply and demand surrounding similar vehicles. Basically, if youve got a car that everyone wants, but cant find, youll get more money. If yours can be found in bulk in dealer lots around the country, then you can probably expect a lower offer.

Theres also the point that some cars just traditionally hold up better than others. Experts in the industry understand which cars are worth more as they age, based on their reliability. So that plays an important factor, particularly in vehicles that are older or have more miles on them.

The final factor that goes into the cash offer lies in your local and regional markets. Some cars simply sell higher in certain places than they do in others. One prime example of this is that a driver in the heart of New York city is less likely to want a large pickup truck than someone in the more spacious and rural areas of Tennessee.

Instant Cash Offer vs. Trade-In Value

Theres an important distinction that also needs to be made apparent. That is that there is a difference between getting an instant cash offer and figuring out the trade-in value of your car. The cash offer is a one-time, fixed dollar amount that is unique to the condition of your car and is only valid for the previously-mentioned three-day window. The cash offer can be used towards the purchase of a new car or can simply be money you put in your pocket.

The trade-in value is an estimated range that can vary by the week. Its not solely based on your car specifically, more so ones of a similar model, and the number that comes back can only be used towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

Premier Auto Group Buys All Used Vehicles

No matter what vehicle you own, we are ready to buy from you. Thats why we want to make such a complex process as straightforward for you as it can possibly be with our link to our Kelley Blue Books Instant Cash Offer tool. You can use your cash offer towards one of the many luxury vehicles we have on our lot, all of which are thoroughly inspected to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Come in for a test drive today. We serve the greater Turnersville, Glassboro and Lindenwold area.

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